Ever wondered how cool a Tesla gun would be if recreated in real life? Inspired by the graphic novel, The Five Fists of Science, author Rob Flickenger set about creating one for himself. Not only did he manage to produce a pretty realistic looking Tesla gun, but he managed to create one that actually works and that is capable of shooting out volts of electricity, making this not only extremely cool, but extremely dangerous! Of course putting the gun together was no easy task and it took quite a lot of work and help along with materials and equipment that will not be readily available to the masses (thank goodness). Made from a Nerf gun, it has been given a makeover and now features an aluminum body, an 18V drill battery, a customized porcelain high-voltage switch along with a flyback transformer that transforms the 18V into 20,000V of electricity. If you’re interested in seeing the sparks fly, be sure to check out the video above or head on over to Rob’s website where he details the making of the gun.

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