Folks living in Asia who have gotten their hands on a copy of Diablo 3 have experienced this thing called “Error 12”, where the digital version shows off “Error 12 – No license attached”. Those living in Korea have GMs who have already started a thread on the forums to inform affected gamers to manually flag digital accounts so that they can continue their dungeon hacking experience, as this is the only way for Digital Edition players to get their game on at the moment as the GMs painstakingly flag individual accounts. As for those living in Taiwan, the situation is rather more dire since no GMs are around to flag accounts.

Apart from Error 3006, we also have those living in Europe experience Error 37, which translates to the login servers being overloaded – something that is expected considering the sheer volume of gamers who have waited for years for Diablo 3, and are now trying to get their Barbarian’s career jumpstarted. A handful of gamers have also reported “Error 75 temp outage of BNET”, too. Well, all I can say is, once the dust surrounding Diablo 3 has settled (which might take some time to happen), life ought to return to normal, and you should be able to login without any further issues.

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