One major setback with LED lighting is that if you want a larger output of wattage, you will also have to deal with a larger chip cooling system. Now however, GE has revealed its new line of Energy Smart LED bulbs which have an innovative design for more efficient cooling. Reportedly, it can put out a 100W of power at only a quarter of the energy requirements needed from a standard A19 incandescent.


Since the company wanted to keep all the necessary parts into a more compact space of the A19, it collaborated with Nuventix and came up with a design that replaced the conventional cooling fans with something that is called a synthetic jet (SynJet). In essence, that is an oscillating membrane which helps to redistribute the heat. On top of that, the Energy Smart Bulb emits at the 3000K color temperature and is pegged to have a 25,000-hour service life. Steve Briggs who is a general manager of LED systems at GE said,

“Our innovation team has tackled a previously insurmountable technical challenge: cooling a 100-watt A-19 shaped replacement LED bulb without making it physically bigger. Each subsystem such as optics, electronics and thermals needed to be designed for miniaturization and cooperative performance. We explored the limits of what’s possible and pushed far beyond industry expectations and competitors’ thinking and product offerings.”

Apparently, with this alleged breakthrough, the engineers over at GE are planning to delve deeper with this technology to exceed the new 100W limit. As of now, the unveiled light bulb does not yet have a price tag attached to it but it will apparently be hitting retailer’s shelves by June 2013. That said however, I think we can expect them to be priced on the higher side.

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