Internet search giant Google has confirmed and acknowledged that a small percentage of their Gmail users did experience an outage. Just how small? We are looking at less than 0.11% of Gmail users out there, where they were unable to access Google Mail since approximately 9:00 a.m. ET this morning. According to Google, all is fine and dandy now, so nearly 400,000 folks who were affected earlier this morning can continue their lives without worrying about the sky falling down on their heads. One good thing about social media is this – once something goes awry, you can always share your experience with others and see whether what you say jives with what others are talking about. Needless to say, many Gmail users who were affected by the outage turned to Twitter to ask around for others who are in the same boat. User @JudsonCollier was quite broken inside, saying that “life is broken” without Gmail, while @akist0n must have had quite the attack with a simple word of advice: “#panic”. The most important thing is, at least Gmail is now up and running.

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