Android Market logoApple’s iOS devices have access to Game Center, a native app for iOS users that consolidates all the gaming apps and leaderboards together rather neatly. It also shows iOS users what their friends are playing along with their high scores and achievements. But what about Google? Surprisingly there has been nothing from the Android creator so far but assuming the rumors (via Business Insider) are to be believed, it has been reported that Google is looking to create a Game Center of their own for the Android platform.


Similar to Apple’s Game Center, Google’s version will feature an achievement system, leaderboards along with a friend finder. Given that Google has a social network on their own in the form of Google+, we wouldn’t be surprised if Google+ integration finds its way into the social gaming hub. After all, tying products and services together is one of Google’s trademark moves. No word on a name just yet but we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled – until then we suggest taking this with a grain of salt.

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