Feeding the Google Project Glass frenzy once again is another photo taken from the device itself. You can probably still recall Sebastian Thrun’s epic appearance with the Project Glass on when Charlie Rose did an interview of him. Proof of that was photo of Charlie taken from Project Glass which looks a little hazy, but nevertheless impressive. Although the capability to take pictures on the Project Glass isn’t really its best feature, considering that Google said that it would feature augmented reality and smartphone-like features, just the thought of it is mind blowing.

The photo that you are seeing above is taken by Sebastian Thrun, and yes, that is his son. “We announced Project Glass in part to let our team start testing prototypes outside the office. Sebastian Thrun, one of our project leaders, tried one out last weekend and we just had to share the result,” the folks behind Project Glass wrote. Judging from the photo above, the quality of the image appears to be better than the previous one of Charlie Rose, although the better lighting in the environment could be a huge factor here.

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