Nope, it’s not a cyborg robot. But yes, that’s Sebastian Thrun – Google’s Project X founder and former director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Google has officially branded its super-cool Google Glasses as Project Glass. If Sergey Brin showed up wearing the glasses in a charity event a few weeks ago, the Google X founder went even further by wearing it while being interviewed by Charlie Rose. You can check out the full interview here.

During the interview, Thrun talked about the huge potential of Project Glass, citing examples like composing voice-activated email and having those messages read back to Project Glass users. “Current augmented reality has failed because it hasn’t focused enough on facilitating interaction between people. With Glass, though, other people can now see through my eyes,” Thrun said.

Last week, Sebastian Thrun posted a nice photo of Charlie Rose during the actual interview on his Google+ account. You can check out the Charlie Rose’s photo taken from the Project Glass below. If this is indeed a real photo taken from the Project Glass itself, we’re definitely witnessing history in front of our eye. Google Glass also works with prescription glasses, and its potential has already attracted rivals, including DIY projects.

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