You know for sure that new iMacs are in store, coming your way while carrying Ivy Bridge processors underneath the hood for additional processing power and speed, thanks to benchmark details that have been released which reveal just how fast they are. It seems that GeekBench posted just last week an entry for a new iMac13,2 which might actually represent the all new 27-inch iMac models that are said to be powered by the quad-core Ivy Bridge processor i7-3770 which runs at 3.4GHz. Surely this would elevate this iMac to the higher-end market, and when we take the overall results count, the new iMac managed to achieve a score of 12,182 which is a wee bit higher compared to the 11,500 score that current generation high-spec iMac models are able to hit. Does this bit of news stoke your appetite to start saving up for a new iMac, or are you perfectly all right with what you are currently using?

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