Ever wished that you were a Jedi over the years? Come on now, there is no reason to be shy to admit to that. Those who have a stronger connection to Star Wars might even have built up their collection of lightsaber toys, but how about commemorating Star Wars Day with the LaserSaber from Wicked Lasers? This unique $100 device will be attached to the Spyder 3-class green and blue lasers from Wicked Lasers, turning it into a unique lightsaber clone. The only thing that is missing from the entire experience? The classic lightsaber hum, so I guess you will either have to use your imagination in this matter, or to make up your own special effects as you swing your LaserSaber around, imagining you’re cutting down enemy droids by the hundreds.

According to Wicked Lasers, their lightsaber replacement is capable of lighting up smoothly, while lighting down when required just like how your ordinary lightsaber would act in the Star Wars movies. How is this made possible? No midichlorians were involved, all it needed was “an ultra smooth magnetic gravity system” which will unsheath (and sheath, too) the luminescent blade.

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