Wearable technology is not new, but to say that the idea has proliferated is not exactly accurate, either. The M_A_C_H_I_N_A MIDI controller jacket is one invention that is worth looking into, where this wearable technology brand intends to bring together fashion and technology in a practical and visually appealing way, where it will connect to a tablet or a smartphone device. There is a trio of position sensors, an accelerometer, and flex sensors to help get the job done, being used for performances as well as to create and mix music for those who are of the more creative persuasion. As for the audio emitted, it can be replaced by different sets (or different genres), while the software can be modified in order for it to play nice with other devices, for example, when you want to mix video. Definitely one of the more interesting articles of clothing that might just baffle future archaeologists as they dig this up under a pile of nuclear dust.


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