We did talk about the Microsoft SkyDrive in the past, where users who want to use the service for free have 7GB of storage space, and here we are with the latest push – and one of SkyDrive’s main marketing lines would be this, “When you use SkyDrive, you’ll never be without the documents, notes, photos, and videos that matter to you. Store anything on your SkyDrive and it’s automatically available from your trusted devices—no syncing or cables needed.” You can get it for Windows, Mac, the iPad as well as compatible mobile devices, letting you seamlessly access the files you require wherever and whenever you require. Not only that, it makes life a whole lot easier since you can always share large files and photos with your mates, as long as they are running on a compatible Web browser, without having to worry about items such as attachment limits as well as the kind of software that one has to pre-install. Have you given SkyDrive a go, and how do you find it?

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