Yes, we have seen some pretty mean looking all-in-one computers in the past, but a TV? Sure, there were instances of a built-in DVR or DVD player, but those are not exactly mainstream offerings, and the screen sizes that came along with it did not really impress. Mitsubishi might have a behemoth of an all-in-one TV here, where the LaserVue 55LSR3 comes with a 55″ display which ought to keep many an eyeball happy, in addition to incorporating Mitsubishi’s Real LaserVue technology. Just what kind of specifications does the 55LSR3 pack? We are looking at a dazzling array of 10 speakers to get you started, while the DIATONE NCV Technology is said to deliver a unique and deep sound without having to blow thousands of dollars on a high end audio system. Not only that, there are 3 internal Digital TV Tuners underneath the hood, a whopping 1TB of storage space thanks to its internal hard drive, and a Blu-Ray to boot, making this clearly one of the more versatile TVs out there (in Japan, at least)!

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