Just how many hours does an Olympian athlete have to train in order to be at the pinnacle of his or her sport? The answer is simple – countless. The MotivePro suit is a vibrating suit which might just hold the key to ensure that Britain’s athletes are able to perform with inch-perfect precision when the summer Olympics kick off later this year. Researchers have managed to come up with the MotivePro suit that uses tiny sensors attached to the wearer’s skin that will trigger motors which informs them whenever they move in the correct way. A computer will be used to tracks the user’s movements in real time, while all the results will be monitored by a coach for future reference and correction.

First pioneered at Birmingham University, the MotivePro suit can be calibrated in a way that it suits the individual athlete’s routines. Originally created to help a ballet dancer inventor hone his steps, it is interesting to see just how such an invention could be modified in this manner. I wonder what kind of other technologies are employed by gymnasts from different countries. Muscle memory seems to be the main method of making sure that athletes will be able to perform the perfect routine in the summer Olympics with the aid of the MotivePro suit – do you think it is legit in the pursuit for gold?

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