Front_1 is a peer to peer marketplace that was just launched by its co-founder, the former head of Display Platform at Yahoo EMEA Sal Matteis in London. The service which is backed by pan-European startup accelerator Seedcamp is similar to TaskRabbit, Viatask and Agent Anything that is available in the US. allows people to outsource even the simplest of errands such as, “I need 4 stamps – will pay $5” right up to a wide range of small jobs, to a network that comprises of members that are known as ‘runners’ or ‘milkmen’. The service makes its money by taking a commission amounting to 15% of each transaction that appears on its marketplace.

Reportedly, the company hopes to introduce corporate accounts that would allow management teams to outsource tasks to trusted or verified ‘milkmen’. In addition to that, the newly launched service is hoping to lay the foundation for a system that it hopes can be sophisticated enough to provide its range of milkmen with notifications via email, native applications or even SMS’. Allegedly, the company is also in the midst of building an API to allow third-party application developers integrate the service into theirs. For now,’s short term goal is to expand to several urban areas across Europe this year but there is still no news as to whether it will be hitting the States anytime soon.

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