Star Wars for the US government is far more than just sentimental attachment to a cultural pop phenomenon that was created by George Lucas, introducing the world to a whole new galaxy of Jedi Knights, the Sith as well as a plethora of alien lifeform and starships. Star Wars was also coined by some to be a defense system for the country just in case an enemy decides to send a missile through space, where a “net” of anti-missile weapons are in place to shoot down any potential threat. Well, Raytheon Inc.’s interceptor was said to have shot down a target missile successfully recently, meaning that Europe could soon be getting their anti-missile shield in due time.


According to Riki Ellison, a prominent missile-defense advocate who observed the test from a missile range facility on the Hawaiian island of Kauai late on Wednesday, “The U.S. Navy lit up the sky, knocking out the target missile.” As for Richard Lehner, a spokesman for the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency, he mentioned that he cannot confirm a successful test just yet, so we are left with a choice to make – to believe now, or to believe later. Which would you pick? Hopefully, bits of news like this might help make you feel safer in your country against external missile attacks from the enemy.

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