RFID technology does not only help schools keep track of where their students are at all times, ushering in the era of a digital leash, it will also be utilized to stop the sale of counterfeit birds nests – a delicacy in China as well as different parts of the world which has proven to be quite the lucrative merchandise. I do have my reservations about the alleged nutritional value of birds nest though, considering how it is made up of saliva, but I suppose to each his or her own. In fact, birds nest is so lucrative that a handful can cost up to $100, depending on the grade, so you can be sure that where money is there to be made, folks will rush in – and make a quick buck by churning out counterfeits where possible.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology might soon be utilized in order to boost consumer confidence, where it will track a particular product from the source, going all the way to the consumer so that no counterfeiting can happen halfway. RFID tags are harder to duplicate, or so it is believed, compared to barcodes. However, lower priced birds nest also has its issues – could it be a counterfeit that is sold for a lower profit margin, or is it the real deal even with an RFID tag? Give me some hot mushroom soup any day.

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