RFID-inline-ft-660x512There are different ways in which one can scan for explosives. This can be done using bomb sniffing dogs or putting them through machines, just to name a few. These methods work but they can be costly as they require a lot of manpower, like bomb sniffing dogs which will require a handler at all times, not to mention there are only so many dogs compared to the number of packages.

However it seems that GE Global Research might have come up with a more cost-efficient solution in the form of an RFID tag that measures just a couple of inches across and can be stuck on just about anything. The tag was developed in partnership with the Technical Support Working Group dedicated to anti-terrorism.

While GE did not dive into the specifics of the RFID tag and how they will be used, the company states that the sensors built into it will be able to detect explosives and oxidizers and will react when they are detected. These tags can be placed in all sorts of locations such as cargo containers, shipping packages, airports, government buildings, and more.

Considering that these tags are also meant to be priced affordably, placing them all over the place would still be a relatively affordable solution. The company is also hoping that the sensors will also be able to detect biological matter in the future, like spores or bacteria, but for now explosives and oxidizers are the main focus. These RFID tags are expected to be commercialized in the next few years.

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