hospital-sheetsWhen you run a hospital, you know that there are plenty of items to keep track of, ranging from the medicine at the dispensary, as well as the various equipment that lies throughout the building. Oh yeah, one very important thing that no one should overlook – hospitals come with beds, and with that, there are also plenty of linen to keep track of. This is a monumental task actually, and is there a better way of getting the job done to make sure that no one carts away with your linen? The answer could very well be in the affirmative, as there is a new scheme that will tag hospital linen electronically, allowing every item to be identified in theory.

In fact, it could also end up as a worthwhile effort from the financial point of view, since it has been estimated that by electronically tagging hospital linen, it could very well see the end of up to £400,000 worth of hospital linen ending up as missing every single year. Just how did we arrive at such a figure? Ask Aneurin Bevan University Health Board’s laundry service in Cwmbran, Torfaen, who happened to agree to a contract with the NHS trusts in Wales and England, where they processes 12 million pieces of linen annually, spending approximately £390,000 each year replacing unreturned items. RFID tags could be the end of such theft, don’t you think so?

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