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Delta Will Bring RFID Luggage Tags By Summer
Delta has introduced a new program to improve tracking of checked baggage, it’s going to use paper RFID tags for this purpose, and says that they will be rolled out by the end of this summer. The idea here is to make it easier for baggage handlers to locate luggage and hopefully reduce instances of passengers’ bags being misdirected or lost. This idea is what’s driving Delta’s new RFID paper […]

GE Develops Stamp-Sized Explosives Detection RFID Tags
There are different ways in which one can scan for explosives. This can be done using bomb sniffing dogs or putting them through machines, just to name a few. These methods work but they can be costly as they require a lot of manpower, like bomb sniffing dogs which will require a handler at all times, not to mention there are only so many dogs compared to the number of […]

RFID Technology Allows Robots To Search For Household Objects
Robots are pretty useful to have around, but they can prove to be rather tricky to program in order to handle everyday tasks, going to show how complex and wonderfully created our brains are. Mobile robots do prove their worth in homes if they could be able to locate people, places and objects in an accurate manner, and instead of relying on a slew of cameras and laser technology, how […]

NFL Players Get Shoulder Pad RFIDs
When it comes to the world of sports, you know for sure that winning plays a very important role, although it is not everything despite what many people think. The pressure to win has led some athletes to take short cuts – such as drugs and match fixing, while those who prefer the old school route would settle for hard work, plenty of training, psychology conditioning, and a little bit […]


Hospital Linen Tagged Electronically To Prevent Unwanted Losses
When you run a hospital, you know that there are plenty of items to keep track of, ranging from the medicine at the dispensary, as well as the various equipment that lies throughout the building. Oh yeah, one very important thing that no one should overlook – hospitals come with beds, and with that, there are also plenty of linen to keep track of. This is a monumental task actually, […]

IBM Introduces RFID Enforced Hand Washing Technology
Just because a hospital is a place where lives are rescued to the best of the doctor’s abilities each day in the operation theater, not to mention it is a sanctuary for those who need to recuperate from a serious illness, it does not mean that it is a fully sterile platform. Actually, hospitals are pretty good candidates to be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. MRSA, a bacterial infection […]

Gun Box Helps Stow Away Your Firearms Safely
I know that there is this huge debate going on right now (and has been for quite some time already) concerning guns and gun control laws, but this is not what we are here to talk about today. For those of you who own firearms, you know how dangerous it can be if it falls into the wrong hands. Perhaps it is time you forget about the drawer by your […]

Tattoo Visible To Smartphones
So, you think that you have seen all there is to it about tattoos, barring someone doing something stupid with theirs? Well, here is a tattoo that your mom would probably like – simply because it is a tattoo that cannot be seen by the naked eye, meaning it is like those secret messages of old, where you craft them out using lime or lemon juice only to read them […]

Texas School Dismisses Student After Refusing To Wear RFID Chip
Now this is a rather interesting nugget of information to cap your weekend – a Texas high school ruled in favor to prevent a girl from attending her classes last Friday since she had made up her mind not to wear an RFID-chip student ID around her neck, as she touts that doing so would be wearing the “Mark of the Beast” that is often associated in the book of […]

Smarter Socks ensure that your socks never go missing again
One might resign oneself to the fact of life that socks tend to miss their partners after a round of laundry, while at times, some of the design on the socks look way too similar to other pairs, that it is difficult to know just which sock is paired to up which. Samy Liechti of Blacksocks thinks that the has quite the innovative solution through the clever use of RFID […]

Burberry London flagship store gets digital makeover
Taking a couple of years for renovation work to be completed, Burberry’s Regent Street store in London, all 44,000 square feet of it, has been digitally integrated seamlessly throughout. We are talking about having full-length screens wrap the store, making you experience a sensory overload as you lose track of when the transition between audio-visual content displays start or stop, no thanks to a clever combination of live-streaming hubs and […]

Wakestock festival uses wristbands, ditches paper tickets
If you are attending the Wakestock festival this summer, you will be part of history as Wakestock is the first multi-day festival in the UK which will no longer rely on paper tickets for entry, but rather, encourage the use of wristbands instead. Red Hot Chili Peppers has the honor as the first band to use such wristbands in place of tickets. Basically, the wristbands will be scanned as music […]

RFID tags to prevent birds nest counterfeit
RFID technology does not only help schools keep track of where their students are at all times, ushering in the era of a digital leash, it will also be utilized to stop the sale of counterfeit birds nests – a delicacy in China as well as different parts of the world which has proven to be quite the lucrative merchandise. I do have my reservations about the alleged nutritional value […]

RFID tags track kids in Texas school district
The world was a whole lot safer in the past, where parents allowed their kids to roam around freely in the neighborhood without worrying about some random or ill feeling stranger bundle their kid in the trunk of a vehicle for a ransom. Things are much different and changed these days, and parents do play a role in being extra careful with their progeny. The Northside Independent School District in […]