Delta has introduced a new program to improve tracking of checked baggage, it’s going to use paper RFID tags for this purpose, and says that they will be rolled out by the end of this summer. The idea here is to make it easier for baggage handlers to locate luggage and hopefully reduce instances of passengers’ bags being misdirected or lost. This idea is what’s driving Delta’s new RFID paper tags program.

Barcode stickers will be replaced in this program with paper RFID tags, and RFID readers are various points along the bag’s journey will scan the tag’s radio signals to ensure that each and every bag is heading to the right place so that no bags are misdirected or lost.

Passengers won’t have to jump through any hoops top get RFID tags, all of this will be handled by the airline, so instead of digital barcode stickers, the handlers will place paper RFID tags on passengers’ bags.

At any point, if the system detects that a bag is someplace where it’s not supposed to be, a red light on the conveyor belt is triggered and the belt stops automatically. This enables a baggage handler to remove the piece and re-route it to the correct destination.

Delta is aiming to put this program in place at 344 airports by the end of August, the program will also be in place in Atlanta, where Delta’s headquarters are located.

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