It does look as though the world of robotics have started to make inroads in to our everyday lives, and this time around, here is a robot which is capable of cleaning up your room. Yes, it does sound like a heaven-sent gift from above for moms who have long asked their kids to clear up their rooms but to no avail. I suppose a teenage boy who has a “pet” robot would not mind having it scour around the room, ensuring things remain spic and span. The algorithms programmed into this robot will enable it to process the nature of the object before deciding what to do with it. Yun Jiang, a graduate student in computer science from Cornell University, said, “It learns not to put a shoe in the refrigerator.” Nice!

Of course, this particular robot will need to go through a learning curve as there is always a first time for everyone and everything, and the robot is no exemption, either. It will no doubt improve in time as it repeats the task while getting familiarized with its surroundings. However, the robot was pretty good at what it did right from the get go, being 80% accurate from the first time, managing to put away dishes, books, clothing and toys in their proper place.

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