One of the drawbacks to buying Apple products is that no matter which store you go to, they are generally priced the same. This is thanks to Apple’s firm hand in setting minimum prices for their products, and it looks like if you’re planning on shopping for either Samsung or Sony HDTVs in the future, those minimum price limits will affect those products too. It has been reported (via the Wall Street Journal) that both companies will be enforcing minimum prices on their HDTV products which they claim will not only help them preserve their profit margin, but will also help to protect retail chains such as Best Buy and Target from being undercut by online merchants like Amazon. Is this a risky move for both Samsung and Sony? Given that consumers have alternative brands from LG, Panasonic and Sharp who are still willing to let retailers offer discounts on their products, this move could backfire on them. Either way we will wait and see how this one plays out, but what do you guys think?

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