Satechi has just announced its BT Media Remote, where this wireless Bluetooth HID remote will enable users to control just about any iOS Bluetooth Device whenever it remains connected to a TV, dock station or car stereo. Another thing that makes the BT Media Remote convenient would be its ability to function as the ultimate multimedia companion for the iPhone or iPad. To describe it further, the BT Media Remote features a multimedia control that allows you to control the playback of any music or video on the iPhone or iPad, and comes with a remote camera shutter button in order for you to snap photos of a group without having to be out of the picture, since you can always jump in with the rest of the group and press the remote (while keeping your hand hidden away somewhere, of course, for a more natural picture).

The “Home” button on the remote itself can also activate Siri even when it remains connected to another device, now how about that? For those who want to convenience of the Satechi BT Media Remote, you will need to fork out $39.99 for this puppy. [Press Release]

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