We’ve seen R/C planes and helicopters before, and we’re sure that you have too, but what about an R/C dragon? Yup that’s pretty much what Rick Hamel put together which he has dubbed the Mythical Beast. Described as an R/C airplane builder, Hamel managed to put together a R/C dragon that not only measures over 7 feet long, but it flies and it will also breathe fire on top of that!

The Mythical Beast is powered by a Jetcat P80 Kerostart turbine and has a wing span of 9 feet. The fire breathing is achieved thanks to liquid propane and a stun gun circuit and for those interested, the Mythical Beast was reported to have won Best of the Show at the Weak Signal event that was held in Toledo a few weeks ago. Check out the videos below to see the Mythical Beast in flight and the other to see its fire breathing in action. Pretty cool, huh?

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