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Remote-Controlled Japanese Toilet Shouldn't Be Used For Waste
Remote-controlled helicopters may seem cool, but nowhere near as cool as a remote-controlled toilets, which, of course, is being made available in Japan, which we like to refer to as the country where the toilet reigns supreme.We’ve seen toilets that connect to your smartphone, as well as a motorcycle whose seat was replaced with a toilet, but these remote-controlled toilets take the Japanese obsession a little too far. The “Remote […]

The Mythical Beast is a R/C dragon that flies and breathes fire
We’ve seen R/C planes and helicopters before, and we’re sure that you have too, but what about an R/C dragon? Yup that’s pretty much what Rick Hamel put together which he has dubbed the Mythical Beast. Described as an R/C airplane builder, Hamel managed to put together a R/C dragon that not only measures over 7 feet long, but it flies and it will also breathe fire on top of […]

RcSuperhero remote controlled flying people are awesome
Looking for a new toy to blow your hard earned cash on? If you’re into RC helicopters or toy cars – why not up the ante with remote controlled flying people instead? The folks over at RcSuperhero have come up with a flying mechanism that resembles a 78″ tall human being and only weighs 3.3 pounds. After hooking up the “human beings” with the necessary hardware, users can pilot them […]


Remote controlled Steam Trike runs on steam
In today’s world where everything seems to be powered by batteries, it’s refreshing to see “retro” energy sources in use; like this remote controlled Live Steam Trike. Created by someone named prallplatte on YouTube, this remote controlled vehicle was made in his “Secret Ural Russian Laboratorys” and weighs 8.81kg. It features three wheels, a bouncy suspension, a boiler and a steam powered engine. And did we forget to mention that […]

TankBot now on sale
Back in Januaray, we reported about the TankBot: a remote-controlled robot vehicle that is capable of moving through all sorts of terrain. It is even capable of finding its way through mazes thanks to its infrared sensors that lets it detect its environment and even the hand movements of people around it. But what’s cool about this device is that users will be able to download an app for their […]

iPhone-controlled Griffin HELO TC Helicopter now available
It looks like you and your kids won’t have much trouble looking for a remote-controlled helicopter toy this season. After iRemoco announced that its copters are now on sale, it looks like Griffin has decided to follow suit as well. Supposed to be available only later this year, it looks like Griffin has decided to bring forward the release date of its iOS device-controlled HELO TC Helicopter.

iRemoco iPhone-controlled helicopter now on sale
After successfully funding its first batch of iPhone-controlled helicopters, and shipping them out to over 200 backers of its Kickstarter project, the folks over at iRemoco are now making the iRemoco helicopter available to the public. The company has just launched its online store today, and for around $99, you can get your hands on your very own iRemoco helicopter as well.

Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders have a scale speed of 600 mph
Hot Wheels upcoming remote controlled vehicles, the Nitro Speeders (which were shown off at the New York Toy Fair quite a while ago) are about to go on sale in a few months time. The tiny cars can go up to 8.3mph, which is said to be equivalent to 600 mph in the car’s 1/87th scale. Due to the cars’ fast speeds, users are going to have trouble maneuvering them […]

Mario Kart turtle shells make awesome RC cars
If you’re a fan of Mario Kart and you own a 3D printer, you’re going to want to check this out. A designer who goes by the name of Skimbal on Thingiverse has recently shared the plans to his latest creation: remote controlled cars that are inspired by the turtle shells from Mario Kart. If you’re familiar with the game then you’ll know about the turtle shell power ups that […]

Star Wars Millennium Falcon is remote controlled
Wish you could pilot your very own Millennium Falcon space ship? Well you could if you existed in the Star Wars universe, but since you don’t, it looks like you’ll have to be content with what you can get your hands on in Earth, which in this case would be a toy version of the ship from Hasbro’s Speed Stars series.

Shadowhawk mini-copter is an RC copter to be feared
When somebody mentions a remote controlled helicopter, “lethal” is probably one of the last things that will come to mind.  But if you’re staring at the Shadowhawk, you’ll probably be thinking other wise. After three years of development, the folks over at Vanguard Defense have released the Shadowhawk helicopter – a remote controlled helicopter that shoots stun batons, shotgun shells or grenades at bad guys.

The Blackfish is a new remote controlled jet ski the Navy plans to add to their fleet
When it comes to protecting our shores, we have the Navy to thank for that, for being the first line of defense against any attacks from the sea. However as high-tech as our cruisers or submarines may be, there are times where lone divers or small watercrafts may very well escape detection which could spell trouble. Apparently this has been an issue the Navy has been facing up until now, […]

Griffin Helo TC's app controlled helicopter will make a great Christmas present
Well I don’t know about you guys, but I know what I want for Christmas – the Griffin Helo TC iOS app controlled helicopter. I know it’s only July but Griffin has plans to release this toy during the Christmas season. RC (remote control) hobbyists are probably thinking to themselves, aren’t there better looking, more powerful helicopters that I can get? Sure there are, like the AR.Drone quad-copter, but it […]

This Remote Controlled Bald Eagle won't hunt fish for you
If you’ve ever wanted to fly like a bird, technology isn’t there for you to do that yet, but for now you can fly a bird. Hammacher has recently released a new toy to curb your flying enthusiasm if you like the idea of controlling a remote controlled bird. They’ve developed the Remote Controlled Bald Eagle that flies just like the real bird – making use of its 9.5′ wingspan […]