Granted all companies are pretty secretive when it comes to their upcoming products and services, although it is safe to assume that Apple is probably up there as being one of the most secretive companies ever. Sure there are leaks of alleged components now and then, and given the fiasco of the iPhone 4S last year where rumors were going back and forth about a redesign along with leaked parts and casings, safe to say the majority of the leaks were wrong. However proving the rumor mongers wrong just isn’t enough for Apple and speaking at the All Things D conference, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was quoted as saying, “We’re going to double down on secrecy on products. I’m serious.”

As it stands Apple is pretty secretive so we’re not sure just how much more secretive they can be. With third-party manufacturers like Foxconn building their products, we guess a genuine leak, albeit rare, could happen. Perhaps assembling their products in the US could be a solution but until then, it will be interesting to see if Tim Cook’s new secrecy stance will do anything to stem the leaks/rumors.

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