Probably one of the best fictional characters ever created to debut in comics and in movies are the two bitter rivals Alien and Predator. You’ve probably read comics about these fascinating creatures or even watched the two Aliens vs. Predator films. Both races have been depicted to be constant waging war with each other, with Xenomorph Alien as the antagonist of Predator, a trophy hunter. But who would have thought, that after all the brutal fighting, the two would end up loving each other instead.

That’s exactly what you are seeing now. Above is a photo of a cake made by Little Cherry and Black Cherry Cake Company. And the cake, as you can see, is not for ordinary couples. The Alien vs. Predator cake was actually made for two geeky couples who apparently have a penchant for the grotesque characters. Details of the one-of-a-kind cake are bleak, but you can visit the company’s blog for more details. And oh, the cake even has a creepy facehugger and a “you may now decapitate the bride” caption at the bottom, which is pretty weird for a wedding cake. So, could this be your ideal wedding cake too?

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