We’ve all heard the rumors of the iPad mini, but so far apart from speculation and mockups, there have been no leaks so far that points to the fact that such a device exists. Well the folks at ZooGue were sent an email by their anonymous source that contains images that are allegedly those of the iPad mini, or the iPad nano as ZooGue is calling it. However oddly enough, instead of the rumored 7.85” display, the photos revealed that this particular device sports a smaller display at 7.58” instead. As pictured above, the leaked photos also show off what appears to be a smaller dock connector, thus corroborating the rumors that Apple is looking to redesign its dock connector.


While these photos might claim to be that of the iPad mini/nano, we just can’t help shake the feeling that these are fake. Either that or this is one of the many prototypes that Apple might have tinkered with before deciding on a final product (if it even exists at all). For starters its design is a bit “off” and the blue colored Apple logo and wording is rather suspicious. Could this really be it? In all honesty we are leaning towards no so until we hear an announcement for ourselves, we suggest that you maintain your skepticism and take this with generous doses of salt for now.

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