When it comes to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the browser has received quite a bit of flak and has spawned countless memes that make fun of it when compared to other browsers, such as Google’s Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, etc. Now it seems that Australian retailer, Kogan, has taken it to the next level and are now implementing users an “Internet Explorer 7” tax if they are found purchasing from their website using that particular version of the browser. As pictured above, this tax comes in the form of an additional 6.8% on your purchase and if you thought that the retailer was joking, they’re not as they have posted screenshots where they show the 6.8% additional tax upon checkout!

We’re sure that Internet Explorer 7 users are probably outraged by this, maybe because they genuinely enjoy using the browser, or because they might not be tech savvy enough and are just using whatever’s installed on their computers. However as Kogan has pointed out, this tax can be removed simply by switching to a different browser, such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Opera.

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