When Apple took the wraps off their next-gen MacBook Pro with Retina Display graphics, one of the programs they used to highlight this new feature was Blizzard’s recently launched Diablo 3. While they did not state specifically that they had worked with Blizzard on optimizing the game for the Retina display, the game appeared to have run on the new computer without much difficulty. Blizzard has since come forward and released a statement of their own, acknowledging that while the game was capable of running natively on the Retina Display MacBook Pro, they are looking at optimizing it further for windowed mode.

“While we can confirm that the game runs natively on and takes full advantage of the full screen resolution for the new MacBook Pro, we need to do some work to optimize it for windowed mode on the new system […] We will provide our Mac players with an update when we have further details to share.”

One of the good things about Blizzard is that they tend to release games on both PC and Mac at the same time, compared to other developers who only release for PC or who will only release a Mac version much later. Either way we’re sure that Mac gamers who might have recently bought the new MacBook Pro are pleased to hear that additional support and optimization will be headed their way. In the meantime if you’re not sure if the MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the right choice for you, check out our comprehensive review here.

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