There are a lot of people managing Facebook Pages out there, so this is for you: Facebook has (finally) added a couple of features that will make your life easier. First of all, the admin roles get a little bit more granular so that managing a Facebook page can be a real team effort with less risk of a major snafu. To do this, Facebook is adding several layer of access to the page, from “read-only” to “full admin” of as described by the table below:


Also, you don’t need to be physically present in front of your computer to add Facebook page updates anymore. Any social media manager knows the benefits of scheduling posts. It allows you to spread the workload so that you can hit all your channels at once. There’s a whole social media tools industry that sprung from the lack of functionalities like that. To schedule a post, just click on the clock on the left of the Post button.

Finally,  when you are on the page, Facebook defaulted your identity as “the page”. Now, you can switch back to your own identity if you want to add a comment or like something. I’m glad that Facebook has caught up with Google+ in this regard.

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