Hmmm, the iPad and the medical community are not exactly at loggerheads, and just as how there is an app for everything, so too, will the medical field find use for an iPad. Griffin might have stumbled upon something interesting – the AirStrap Med sanitizable case that was specially concocted just for the iPad. Specially designed for easy use by medical personnel as they provide the relevant care for patients, the AirStrap Med is said to be the most versatile and lightest case from Griffin Technology to date, where it enables users to seize full control of the iPad’s multi-touch display, even when one is wearing latex or nitrile gloves.

It will play nice with the iPad 2 as well as the new iPad (so sorry, first generation iPad owners), where the AirStrap Med enables doctors and nurses to easily hold an iPad in one hand as they view medical records, apps, and x-rays amongst others on it. Griffin enlisted the help of physicians and nurses when it came to designing the AirStrap Med, resulting in a lightweight, two-piece frame with built-in screen shield. The AirStrap Med will retail for $89.99, and can be used by southpaws as well without missing a beat. [Press Release]

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