Apple’s collection of hardware has grown to sport an extremely impressive line these days, that it is always nice to have a blast from the past – case in point, someone who decided to install a 16-year-old version of Mac OS on a modern day device. Although the Nook Simple Touch is not a high powered tablet device, it is still far more modern than what the machines of 16 years ago were. In the process, it opens up the mind to envision just what the Mac OS experience would have been like, if touchscreen displays were all the rage and featured in mainstream devices all those years ago.

The Nook Simple Touch definitely has the necessary hardware firepower to get the job of Mac OS emulation done, but bear in mind that this is just an experimental case, and was achieved just to show the world that it could be done – no more, no less. I guess it is also somewhat similar in spirit to running a Game Boy emulator on other devices, no?

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