Microsoft’s Surface tablet has certainly made quite the (positive) impression upon the masses when it was first announced recently, and all I can say is, the entire industry is looking forward to the Surface making a big splash when it arrives later in the year – and hopefully giving the iPad as well as Android-powered tablet manufacturers a nice kick in the rear end to sit up and take notice. With a new player in town backed by Microsoft’s billions, you can be rest assured that Microsoft is in it for the long haul – just like how they pumped in enough money to make the Xbox a success with its descendant, the current Xbox 360. We are here to talk about Microsoft’s recent invention, a co-operative touch pen input mechanism that is said to be used in tandem with the new Microsoft Surface tablet.

The patent calls it the Interpretation and Behavior Selection Module (IBSM), where this particular technology enables a user to execute a range of combination gestures that involves both touch and pen so that a particular task can be performed afterwards. Microsoft also says that additional inputs will be thrown into the mix later on, making it a living, breathing library of input mechanisms.

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