What happens when you come across the word “milkmaid”? Some of us might think of a particular brand of condensed milk, while others would have something else in mind. Well, the Milkmaid is currently the conceptual winner for the GE and Quirky contest, where it is also known as the “smart milk jug”. Why so, you ask? For instance, the Milkmaid is capable of notifying you over SMS whenever it starts to run low on milk, or its built-in sensors detect that the milk within has started to go bad. Obviously, apart from sensors, it will also come with a GSM radio module, an antenna, a SIM card and a rechargeable battery – otherwise how else do you expect it to send a text message to your phone? So far, the design and engineering phase of the working prototype has been completed, and should there be sufficient demand for the Milkmaid, it might eventually roll off a production line, somewhere.

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