Gmail certainly laid the smack down on the rest of the free email competitors when it was first introduced alongside the amount of storage space which is said to be virtually impossible to fill up. I guess impossible is not the word to use here, as it did not take too long before Google announced that they will be increasing the amount of storage space for Gmail users, and this is a trend that has continued even until today. Hotmail, once so popular, has seen its number of users dwindle, but perhaps a reboot could result in a rejuvenation of the brand? After all, movies too, get rebooted like the Spiderman series, and with Hotmail, you have what they call Newmail, which offers a user interface that is clean enough for many to suspect that it might be a rip-off from Google – including the use of fonts for the labels.


Microsoft did call it a ‘fluid and interactive design’ that was specially designed to work just right on mobile devices, especially with the slew of smartphones and tablets that are in the market these days. Newmail is the new Hotmail, and with a design that seem to be strongly influenced by Gmail, it is an admission by Microsoft that Gmail carries the interface to follow. Right now, Hotmail still remains the biggest email provider worldwide with approximately 360 million users, although Gmail is not that far behind with around 350 million.

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