outlook-hotmailMicrosoft has recently finished one major task that it had on its to-do list, that is, to transfer the entire shebang of users of its Hotmail email service to the new Outlook.com site, and this is no mean feat. Sure, you can make Skype calls straight from your Outlook.com inbox now, but that is besides the point.The entire exercise that Microsoft embarked on during this massive transfer consumed a whole lot of data – and we are talking about 150 petabytes of data, taking a whole six weeks to complete. Of course, 150 petabytes of data is mind boggling stuff, so to help out the masses, Microsoft has shared an infographic for an easier visual breakdown.

Since the infographic is rather lengthy in nature, it would be better if you were to check it out right after the jump. Numbers and figures for the folks who cannot live without trivia and records, this is just the infographic for you! Just a quick teaser of the infographic before you read it – it would take someone 300,000 years to listen to 150 petabytes worth of music on their media player, now that is pretty long.


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