While Nokia might have designed a pretty spiffy phone with the Lumia 800 and 900, based on various reviews it seems that the camera on both phones while decent, had a lot of room for improvement. With the possibility of Nokia porting the 808 PureView’s camera technology into future Lumia devices, it seems that’s not all as Nokia has recently acquired developer Scalado. For those wondering who this is and why this is significant, back at MWC earlier this year, Scalado unveiled an app called “Remove”.


Basically what it did was remove objects you did not want from photos. For example if you just wanted a shot of a building but there are too many people walking around, the app will allow you to remove those people from the shot. This is achieved by taking multiple shots of the scene that will help determine who are the people who are moving through, thus allowing users to remove them from the photo with a touch.

Now according to Nokia’s press release, they have been working for Scalado for about ten years and they believe that this acquisition will help enhance the imaging experience with Nokia Lumia devices in the future. Hopefully this means that we can expect to see more nifty camera features make their way into Lumia devices in the future! In the meantime if you’re curious about the Remove app, check out the demo in the video above.

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