While HTC might be focusing on pushing out mid-high end smartphones in order to maintain a certain reputation and quality, Nokia appears to be headed in the other direction and has reiterated their stance on producing even cheaper and more affordable Windows Phone handsets. This was confirmed by Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop during an investor’s conference call recently. According to Elop, cheaper devices would allow Windows Phone handsets to compete with Android phones more aggressively and when asked if they had plans to release an even cheaper handset than the Lumia 610 (which is cheapest of the Lumia series), he responded by saying that they are “absolutely” planning on doing this.


While higher-end handsets do come with some sort of prestige and image, like owning a Prada or Gucci product versus something you picked up at Walmart, cheaper products are more easily accessible especially for those living in developing countries where higher-end smartphones may be out of the reach for the majority. What do you guys think? Do you think Nokia’s strategy is sound and are you looking forward to seeing what they might be able to accomplish with their cheaper devices?

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