We’ve all seen iOS docks before, some made from plastic, some made from metal and some made from wood, although admittedly the wooden ones are probably the most classy looking. If you happen to agree with that sentiment, then this RockAppleWood iOS dock might be worth your consideration, especially since not only is this a unique looking dock to begin with, but it is a unique dock for you since they are hand-carved, thus ensuring that every dock they create will be unique in its own way. According to its creator, each dock is made from reclaimed, fallen or repurposed wood, so you will be able to rest easy knowing that no trees had to be specially cut down for its manufacturing.

Featuring a 1.2W speaker, the RockAppleWood iOS dock above will support both your iPad and your iPhone/iPod at the same, although they do sell models that support just one device. Given that these docks are hand-carved and made individually, we weren’t surprised to learn that these docks will retail as low as $40 and will reach prices of up to $600, so if you’d like to check out the rest of their range, head on over to the RockAppleWood Etsy store for the details.

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