When we talk about Samsung, I would say that it is rather rare to read about robots instead of the next big and slim TV or Android-powered smartphone. However, we have come across news about Samsung’s recently published patent applications – all four of them, in fact, where these patent filings point towards a robot that is capable of mimicking the walk of a human, where it has the smarts to adjust its own scale in order to achieve the right amount of speed without having us see it as walking with an unnatural and seemingly perpetual bent gait of some of its peers in the market. Basically, it will compute the route that it will be taking, leaving from point A in order to move safely to point B, and that calculated path will be broken down into a range of walking motions, so you need not worry about seeing the C3PO shuffle from Samsung’s future robots. Another patent of Samsung points toward the rotating joints that will coordinate in order simulate the chest heaves of a human who is actually breathing. No idea on whether these patents will ever see the light of day though, but at least Samsung’s got them in the bag.

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