[E3 2012] Fans of zombie survival games, Ubisoft has taken the wraps off a new game that they’re claiming will satisfy the more hardcore gamer. We’re sure that many have come to associate the Nintendo Wii with fun and family friendly games, so for those looking for a little more gore and action, then Ubisoft’s recently unveiled ZombiU should do the trick, we hope! Based on the gameplay videos that were demonstrated, the Wii U’s GamePad has been described as the game’s “ultimate survival kit” and rightly so!

It seems that gamers will have to use the GamePad in a wide variety of situations, such as using it to swap out different weapons – and it should be noted that while going through your inventory, zombies will still come at you so you best be quick about it! – fight off zombies who are  trying to eat your brains, hack electronic doors to escape ravenous zombies, double up as a map and can be used as a telescope while in sniper mode. As a fun little feature, it will also come with a “zombification” feature that uses the GamePad’s front-facing camera to turn you or your friend into a zombie!

Not just intended for solo play, ZombiU will also come with a multiplayer mode where one player will be the zombie master, and the other will play as the survivor, thus pitting players against each other in a zombie apocalypse situation. Sounds fun and looks like it features pretty unique gameplay as well.

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