Kodak Google AppleAnother day, another patent dispute – at least that’s what the current state of the tech world is. It looks like there’s now another war over patents between Apple and Google. According to reports online, both Apple and Google have been named as potential customers of Kodak’s upcoming patent sell-off that will take place sometime next month. According to a tweet from WSJ’s Dennis K. Berman, the two companies are the front-runners in the patent bidding war.


The details about the patent bidding war are pretty scarce at the moment but you can be pretty sure that the winner will be walking away with a lot of technology concerning photography. For those of you in the dark, Kodak is looking to sell off part of its patent collection as part of terms attached to a granted load for keeping the company afloat during its corporate restructuring. This could turn out to be an interesting battle. Stay tuned for more information.

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