Now here is a conceptual mouse that you might want to look into – assuming someone out there finds it worth their time and money to introduce the Arc Mouse into the world, that is. After all, most modern day notebooks come with a sorry excuse of a travel mouse, being far too small that your hand would most probably cramp up after a short while of use. As for trackpad navigation, it is far too cumbersome and sluggish compared to a nicely fitted mouse, although I do know of Apple MacBook users who claim that they are equally as productive on the trackpad as with a mouse.

Well, the Arc Mouse concept is different from the rest as it claims to be able to see action on just about any surface – even on a pair of denims! I am not quite sure whether “any surface” here includes glass, as current optical technology still does not enable a mouse to work on a glass surface without the cursor running all over the place. Gotta love the curved ergonomics as well.

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