I do admit, the first time I traveled in a subway train, the feeling was one of awe and wonder, marveling at how human intelligence and precise engineering resulted in such a creation. Well, after a while, being underground is no longer a cheery experience, as all you see is a dark tunnel until your destination. If only there was a window to peer at the sunlight kissed surroundings above. Fret not – where there is a will, there is a way, and an innovative design concept sees the clever implementation of ceiling-mounted e-paper displays. These e-paper displays will help permeate a sense of life outdoors under the sun for underground passengers, and I am quite sure some ads will be flashed across from time to time.

Known as the Canopy concept display system, it is said to attach itself to the ceiling of an underground train so that passengers are able to take a gander at life above. Canopy will rely on the implementation of dynamic flexible “e-paper” display panels, and whenever the train moves along to its next stop, one is able to check out passing landmarks even when underground. I hope it gets implemented in the near future, how about you?

It would be cool if the Canopy system could be linked up to local weather data, letting commuters know whether it is raining with digital raindrops appearing, or is it bright and sunny on the upside?

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