We think it’s safe to say that everyone loves waffles – I know I do, but instead of the regular waffle pattern, how about classing it up a bit? If you’re wondering what we meant by that, then the photo above should already clue you guys in! Yup, pictured above is none other than a waffle maker that comes with the monogram imprints that are famous to the Louis Vuitton fashion brand. Now if you’re wondering why on earth would Louis Vuitton make a waffle maker of all things, don’t worry as your favorite fashion brand has not lost it. This is in fact a concept design by Andrew Lewicki, but what do you guys think? Imagine if sandwich makers could allow their makers to imprint other brand logos on them, like Gucci or Chanel! Not to mention it will probably make a pretty funny present to give to your partner who might have been hinting at a Louis Vuitton product for a while now.

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