Flexible displays have a variety of uses, such as in smartphones, smartwatches, or advertisement billboards. However, it seems that luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton might have found a somewhat novel use for flexible screens by embedding them into some of their handbag lineups.

These handbag prototypes were shown off during the company’s Cruise 2020 runway show in New York City. During the show, the displays on the handbags were used to display videos of random city views, although one of them also later displayed what appeared to be a demo of an internet browser.

It is unclear as to why anyone would ever need a handbag with a built-in flexible display, but as we said, it is an interesting use of the technology. We doubt that anyone would walk around with one of these on a day-to-day basis, but it might have a place in fashion shows, or maybe it could be used as walkable advertisements.

Speaking to Engadget, a spokesperson said, “The idea is to think of the handbag as an extension of the smartphone.” That being said, Louis Vuitton did not state if these bags will be made a reality, so the company could simply be exploring the idea for now without it ever becoming an actual product.

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