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Louis Vuitton Unveils A $1,000 Pair Of True Wireless Earbuds
There are headphones designed for audiophiles, which aren’t always the most fashionable-looking, and then there are headphones designed to be worn on the streets. If you’re after something a bit more fashionable that you can proudly show off in public, Louis Vuitton might have something for you.

Louis Vuitton Gets Into Gaming With League Of Legends Prestige Skins
Video games and high-end fashion were never really things that seemed like they went well together. However, it seems that the gaming industry is becoming way too big for fashion houses to ignore, so much so that Louis Vuitton will actually be dipping their toes in the competitive gaming world.

Louis Vuitton Puts Flexible Displays Into Its Handbags
Flexible displays have a variety of uses, such as in smartphones, smartwatches, or advertisement billboards. However, it seems that luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton might have found a somewhat novel use for flexible screens by embedding them into some of their handbag lineups.

These $299 Earbuds With A Louis Vuitton Logo Cost $999
Louis Vuitton is an iconic fashion brand and its products generally cost thousands of dollars. If you’ve got $995 to blow, then perhaps you should consider investing its Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones. You’ll be paying $700 extra for the logo only, though, because the earphones are actually a pair of wireless earbuds that Master & Dynamic launched last year for $299.


Louis Vuitton Echo Is A Tracker For Your Very Expensive Luggage
Louis Vuitton is a company known by many to be a fashion house that sells all kinds of fashion products, such as watches, wallets, handbags, belts, and even luggages that are insanely expensive, at least to the average consumer. However what if you wanted a way to keep track of your expensive Louis Vuitton branded luggage?

Louis Vuitton Is Reportedly Making Its Own Luggage Tracker
Louis Vuitton might be a brand that most of us might associate with luxury leather products, like handbags, wallets, belts, and so on. However in case you didn’t know, Louis Vuitton also makes their own series of luggages, and now it seems that in order to better protect these luggages, the company is developing its own luggage tracker.

Louis Vuitton Android Wear Smartwatch Costs $2,450
Louis Vuitton isn’t a brand that you would associate with affordability. The luxury brand’s products tend to run into thousands of dollars so its smartwatch is no different. The Louis Vuitton Android Wear smartwatch has been officially announced today. It’s called the Tambour Horizon and as you might have guessed, it’s expensive. Prices start at $2,450.

Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning “Interviewed” By Louis Vuitton
You might recall that towards the end of last year, Louis Vuitton launched a new campaign that instead of using regular human models to model their products, they instead turned to the character Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. Now obviously we’re sure everyone knows that Lightning isn’t a real person, and this is where it gets a bit fun.

Concept Louis Vuitton waffle maker adds a touch of class to the breakfast table
We think it’s safe to say that everyone loves waffles – I know I do, but instead of the regular waffle pattern, how about classing it up a bit? If you’re wondering what we meant by that, then the photo above should already clue you guys in! Yup, pictured above is none other than a waffle maker that comes with the monogram imprints that are famous to the Louis Vuitton […]

Louis Vuitton PLAYBUTTON MP3 player
When it comes to the world of high fashion, you know for sure that there are some names which you simply cannot ignore – and Louis Vuitton is definitely one of them. The Louis Vuitton PLAYBUTTON MP3 player hails from a Spring/Summer 2012 project, where menswear designer Kim Jones joins forces with Ambush Designs co-founder and Reebok Asia creative director VERBAL, resulting in a portable audio player that is tiny […]

Louis Vuitton foldable iPad cases now available
Louis Vuitton is probably best known as a luxury fashion brand, as opposed to a maker of iPhone and iPad accessories, but that hasn’t stopped the fashion house from churning out one accessory after the other, and given that their accessories usually exude a sense of classiness, we imagine that there are quite a few out there who probably appreciate it.

Louis Vuitton Zipped Tote bag for your iPad
If you recall, we have written about the Louis Vuitton iPhone casing and there’s actually an iPad casing by Louis Vuitton as well but the Louis Vuitton iPad tote bag brings a bit more practicality with it along with a heart stopping price tag.

Louis Vuitton Release iPhone 4 Cases
How much do you love your brands? If you’re decked out in an Armani suit with a Hermes tie, sporting a Prada belt with matching Gucci leather shoes to match, the only thing you would be missing is a Louis Vuitton case for your iPhone 4. If that sounds good to you then you will be glad to know that Louis Vuitton has not released one, not two, but FOUR […]

Fake Louis Vuitton belt phone is just strange
We can understand that folks often like bling and fake stuff, but some of them are just plain strange. Next up we’ve found this fake Louis Vuitton belt that has a cell phone integrated into its buckle. The phone apparently works, but we don’t have high hopes for an enjoyable user experience with it. Specifications are pretty scarce at the moment, but we do know the phone has a built-in […]