Louis Vuitton is an iconic fashion brand and its products generally cost thousands of dollars. If you’ve got $995 to blow, then perhaps you should consider investing its Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones. You’ll be paying $700 extra for the logo only, though, because the earphones are actually a pair of wireless earbuds that Master & Dynamic launched last year for $299.

Some might say that even at $299, the Master & Dynamic MW07 earbuds were too expensive to begin with. Add on top of that a Louis Vuitton logo and you’ve got a product that can retail for $995. And yet you’ll find people buying it.

Louis Vuitton hasn’t done anything tech-wise on these earbuds. They’re the same as the non-LV ones that Master & Dynamic sells. The latter already angled for the premium market with this $299 product by giving the earbuds an asymmetrical design and unique color finishes. This collaboration with Louis Vuitton will push them to the top tier of the premium segment.

The one major difference is that the Louis Vuitton versions come with a circular charging case that’s also adorned with Louis Vuitton logos. That’s just to reiterate the fact that you’ve paid a boatload of money for the logo value only. No word as yet on when these earbuds will be available for purchase from LV.

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