EA logoAs the imminent death of physical media draws closer each day, companies are starting to realize this and make the necessary changes to their media distribution. Games publisher, EA has recently announced that EA will soon be a 100%-digital company. According to EA’s president, Frank Gibeau, the digital market is the fastest growing area for the company (it is currently making the company $1.2 billion in revenues annually).


We’ve heard rumors of the next generation PlayStation and Xbox being disc-free consoles, and nowadays a lot of gamers are already downloading games on their computers instead of buying them from traditional retailers – so a digital-only EA seems plausible. It’s only going to be a question of when it’s going to happen. I for one am in favor of eschewing traditional media for digital downloads (do we really need more boxes to clutter up our shelves?) and look forward to a digital-only future. What do you think?

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